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All over the UK productions are searching for acting extras. Fancy joining any of these?

Extra acting jobs

You’re a background actor with a plan. Maybe you’re taking acting jobs as an extra now while waiting to audition for key roles. Or perhaps you’ve found that background acting is a satisfying, reliable career for you.


Either way, you wouldn’t say no to a possible boost in your career, would you? Because we at Go-Talent are offering you that boost. Be a Go-Talent gold member, and you can be sure your profile will reach the best extra casting agencies throughout the UK.


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Beyond expectations

Amazing concept, that connects regular people with opportunities that will be hard to find yourself.
I have met celebrities, actors and famous singers already in my short time here. I have been offered jobs without event applying and can actually pick and choose my options.
Nice app that makes easy to have a great profile and apply for jobs.

From hobby to way of life!

I have all my life made theater, but I have never really considered the idea of doing this professionally - at least not until half a year ago. I begin with the help of Go-Talent to get paid and high quality jobs, which was very educational for me!
On top of that, Go-Talent has helped me build a network in the tv and cinema industry, which is SO important if you want to do this professionally.

I found the belief in my dream

Go-Talent has given me the courage to jump into this life and love the dream and given me the belief that I can be an actress! Because of this I recently applied to an acting academy. It is a very tough academy to join, since they have a lot of applicants. I signed up to the entry trials and I GOT ACCEPTED!


Create your Gold profile and get a free 14 days trial

Create your Gold profile and get a free 14 days trial with full access to all our services

  • Sign yourself up and up to 4 of your friends
  • Have exciting experiences together with your friends
  • Many jobs and great opportunity to network
  • Chance to earn some extra income

Good to know: This special offer is for new signups. After 14 days free trial, your Gold profile will continue with Go-Talent at your special price. You can unsubscribe any time at Go-Talents website.